Empowering Survivors-Empowering Youth.

Every school year, we recruit dozens of highly motivated young people who make weekly visits at the survivors’ homes. Recognizing the awesome task that these young men and woman are undertaking, they are provided with guidance, supervision and support. The outcome is a rare mutual connection and empowerment that continues even beyond the visits. The survivors are the hosts while the young and highly motivated young guests bring them some food, a smile and most of all a lasting family-like friendship. During a visit, our volunteers may offer practical assistance in the home and garden, such as weeding or painting. Working side-by-side on home improvements increases feelings of companionship and ensures that the seniors feel that they are in control of their own homes. The young volunteers are inspired for the lives still ahead of them.

Safe Home Environments.

Some of the survivors we visit exist on a small state-given pension. Without bureaucracy or delay, we provide immediate financial assistance for paying water, gas and electricity bills. In addition, we try to ensure that all our seniors have adequate heat in the winter and air cooling systems for the hot summer months. As many elderly people die from hypothermia in the winter and dehydration in the summer, this is a lifesaving mission.

Endurance - Connecting Wounded Soldiers and Holocaust Survivors.

Wounded IDF soldiers, disillusioned and fatigued from slow recuperation, are able to move forward and restore faith in themselves by helping others. LeChaim’s program pairs wounded soldiers with Holocaust survivors. They develop a singular bond and are mutually empowered by sharing their experiences and endurance.

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